Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Re-establishing contact with an old friend, or how I learned to stop procrastinating and whatever.

I glanced at the sidebar of this very blog which is mine and noticed the frequency with which I would post something ever dwindling, twirling, twirling towards infinity. I thought it time to try and rectify this, especially seeing as I now have an actual audience rather than a pretend one (hi Kree).

So here I am, florid with an infestation of possibilities. PhD could be going better but I expect that will be the case until I finish it if I ever do. I have been doing some game development which has been both a lark and a nagging pain in my lower back. We (the Crab and I) have nearly finished a game called NEOTANK9000 which is for Deakin to woo prospective revenue sources, otherwise known as students, with. It's not groundbreaking, polished, or even very good, but it is ours and that counts for a lot. We'll create a web browser version and pop it on our website.

Once that is signed off, er, on, we can finally complete our iPhone game which we have spent close to a year (one day a week mind) producing. This is called CallConnect and harks back to the heady days of sticking phone jacks into things. You know, Before The Internet. It seems so long ago now... I used to read books, see films, engage in conversations with real people who occupied the same room or space that I did (though not exactly the same space as that would be physically impossible lest you'd employed some sort of time and space altering device to allow two objects to occupy the same space simultaneously. It's science fiction!). Those days are long gone. I have installed a speaker set inside a real doll and I conduct Skype conversations with it. Sometimes, when the light catches the gossamer thin strands of hair that adorn the soft, undulating edges of her delicate frame (they took ages to put in by hand too), I turn febrile and weep for mankind. None of this actually happened... or did it (it didn't)??

So; PhD, PC game, iPhone game, ongoing battle to hide Genevieve from my housemate. I have done very little in the way of drawing lately, which shames me, but I'll return to that once I have cleared my plate of other more immediately persistent morsels.

Praise atheism

Monday, February 14, 2011