Wednesday, April 24, 2013

OH MY GOOODDDDDDDD I'M BACK and there is no god

Wahey, hello nobody at all.

For the discussion portion of my thesis which I am about to embark upon, I will be posting a weekly summary of my thoughts and feeling and thoughts in order to reflect on the process and hopefully add insight to it in a sort of think-write-blog-think feedback loop and this sentence is too long.

Part One: The Thinkening

I have dribbled out a few pages of bullet points that roughly pertain to the various things in my head that are thesis related.  These are the concepts and inklings about this and that that have been loudly and interminably kicking around my head for some four or more years.  By getting them out and into a readable format, I can start to shape them into a meaningful expression of the many (some even good) ideas I've chewed over for millennia/a few years.

My oh-so-clever-plan is to massage and shape these topic into a recognisable order; once this is achieved, flow will magically follow and all our prisoners will be released.  You will perish in flames, Gozer will destroy you and your kind (what an asshole).

Anyway, ordering the topics, eliminating duplication and fleshing out the lines of thought embodied by subtopics should neatly subsume the last phase of the Thinkening.  The next phase will almost certainly follow, that being:

Part Two: The Fleshening

The Fleshening sounds like a maudlin and unintentionally humorous non-canonical fan-penned addition to the Hellraiser saga BUT while that sounds like a good idea (Pinhead bellowed a mirthless titter and, pausing for effect, farted loudly before descending into a peghole in the floor (much as bathwater might do when the plug is pulled).  Before his spiny head had liquefied and drained from the room, he uttered in that tiresomely dreadful Barry White-esque half whisper, "I weed in your clothes hamper and I'll tear your linens apaaaarrtt...."  "His once dramatic exits have rather diminished of late", thought Kirsty) what it really means is that I'll flesh out (see) each point and draw in results that are related to each point.

This should take a while but once finished, I can set about expanding on each fleshy point in order, loosening my writing muscle for the first time in years.  This should be the most enjoyable and lucid period of the whole mess so I'll be shitty if it isn't.

This third stanza will be known as

Part Three: Gettin' Swole

Gettin' swole will see ol' Skerret dipping his quill in earnest for thousands of words at a time and making the Real Writing happen.  This is the mother lode, the piece de resistance, the show stopper, the final Danny La Rue costume change.  It's Shangri La on dope, hopefully.  This part sees me adding the muscle, sinew, tendons and nerve endings to the thing, completing each section before moving on to the next (unless something really stands out as belonging elsewhere).

For now, we'll call that the Rough Guide to Finishing A Thesis 18 Months Late.

Each week as mentioned, a new series of thoughts, more localized, will be strewn about like scales from a replicant's GE snake.

Adieu, nobody.