Friday, March 26, 2010

Solid but unimaginative title

Bit late in the week but here I am. As the first wave of cracked commentary courses through the atmosphere I am reminded that it's nice to have football as a weekly fixture. Then again, as Monfries lines up for goal I'm reminded of how much I fucking hate it.

Anyway, it's been a puzzling week as I can't recall much of it. Everything past Tuesday is something of a blur. Melbourne's weather continues to defy conventional logic in that the longer the day goes the hotter it gets, to the point where it was a balmy low twenties only to hit a preposterous 31 by about 11pm on Thursday.

Still, I press on. Again not much in the way of PhD-ing this week, though I did just dribble some musings about student interest levels in game development and potential disillusionment. Got a whack of marking done though, so money in the bank.

I have recently taken a more active interest in religious debate for some reason. I watched the mauling delivered by Hitchens and Fry to Ann Widdecombe and an archbishop and determined that religion will be always be on the back foot in such debates for two reasons: one, their position is basically indefensible according to the laws of the observable universe as we know it. Two, the case against invariably features the services of those blessed with both notable intellectual capacity and the ability to verbally impart any thoughts they might have on the subject. Hitchens and Fry are two such luminaries and they, in debating terms, tore the opposing argument a new arse so big it'd trail a red windsock in a stiff breeze.

One day soon something will occur to me that is so remarkable, so inventive, I will be unable to resist getting fingers to keyboard in order to disseminate this sparkling insight. It's not today though. Image is unrelated.

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