Thursday, April 8, 2010

Facing up

I've been at this thesis jobbie for about 2 months, give or take. At various stages I felt as though I gained momentum, formed good habits and the future would take care of itself. At various stages that tended to follow those previous various stages I'd be back at square one. Having conquered a numbing caboodle of marking I feel as though I'm ready for another assault. I have no doubt my capacity to produce work of a consistent standard at pace is sound, it is simply a matter of application for the requisite chunk of time. A foundational time investment if you like. Spend a month or 2 weeks deep in concentration and the productivity will flow. On the subject of productivity, a plan is in order that I might meet my folio goal. Jesus Christ I'm talking shit.

Fuck all that, I-holy shit, this Lindt egg has praline in it. Small wonder it was so heavy. Delicious! I am enveloped in velvety chocolate sunshine and shall now drift away on a supple bed of sienna cloud to dream of brown adventures(!).

Unencumbered by the taut, sharp-wound stresses of coarse reality, I explore an aromatic apogee of liquid chocolate fantasy, umber falls cascading through candied crystalline air and me at the centre, spinning rapidly yet not at all, propelled by hazelnut flavoured chimeric wraithlight and settling with gentle temperance on an earthy crisp-top brulee.


Did I write that? What a pile of self indulgent cockspaz. I need a Mars Bar, though it is filth. Peace out mofos (hey who am I talking to?).

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