Friday, January 20, 2012

Interview With A Vampire/Game Developer

So hello again nobody and this week it so happens that the lovely Adrian/EvilRedEye has just interviewed Shaun and I about our recent Call Connect adventure. There were many questions, all of which we answered. Any press is good when you're as lowly as we are so I'll take it. In other news, I managed to do a leeetle bit of work this week which is very encouraging.

A touch of revision, some unit tinkering and a pinch of organization (plus I fixed my blinds after planning to do it for some two years now) saw me through to Friday with a spring in my crippled step. Actually not so crippled; my weightlifting has gone up a notch and I'm feeling spritely. My knees don't hurt anymore, hurrah.

I picked up a cat today; cats are nice. I'm clearly running out of things to write which is very me. Normally I can flounder for a word in the most eloquent fashion but that capacity seems to have diminished of late (bar this sentence). I have to go now because Ellie's possibly going to come over here and read this drivel and I'd rather not be here when she does. It's embarrassing!

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