Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Clever Subversive Title For A Post

I made some teeny weeny progress this week, as in I actually did something. Wrote a bit, read a bit; it's a start. Expectations are currently low, so I feel as though they have been met. I'll be getting my own office next week (or part of one at least) and have sorted part of my teaching load for the coming trimester, so bully for me.

Even the ickle smidgen of writing I produced last week felt promising, a portent of slightly more words in the following week. I organized my literature review structure a little more and it is gradually starting to make sense thematically.

Not such more to write on the subject; I've started, that'll do pig.

In other news, the word is full of morons, sometimes disingenuous ones but always moronic to a degree. Apparently video games cause rickets, though upon contacting the people behind the research referred to in the numerous articles on the subject, Nick Lovell concluded that this story was in fact bullshit. The research was misused by the no doubt well meaning journalists without an agenda in support of a preposterous (do enjoy that word) assertion. Moving on.

I have discovered ChatRoulette, though am yet to fully engage with it. Amusing in theory but distinctly unpalatable in practice (I am yet to witness any real-time perversion), I expect it's merely a matter of time before mainstream media catch wind of this diabolical new apparatus that could facilitate some innocent child's exposure to a man with two fish perched cheekily within his dilated rectum. I say the sooner the better; the cultural importance of such a thing cannot be understated. Other items of even greater social significance than fish, adumbrative of the zeitgeist, are no doubt in the pipeline so to speak. iPods, Cadbury Pods, assorted miniature literary classics, a milliner's hat block, numerous species of succulent; these could by framed by one's anus and shown to the world. It's the for betterment of society and I heartily endorse it.

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