Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's go go go in Australia!

Unsure of the reason for the title. I was impersonating Murray Walker this morning so perhaps he has infiltrated my unconscious mind a la John Cusack in Being John Malkovich. Hopefully he doesn't make me go to swingers parties. If you're listening in there Murray, back the fuck out. The mud in that tunnel wasn't actually mud either.

Anyway, we have started developing our little iPhone project today. Before delving further, a digression into a few point 'bout the fud and its current status.

I have an office. Well, I have part of an office. Well again, I have a small part of a room that is unused but we like to call the office. I have a cubicle, a computer that is grotesquely outdated and a few shelves upon which, if I share any affinity with the cubicles former occupant, I can store a half eaten box of cornflakes and a ziplock bag containing an unidentified powdery substance which I suspect is cocaine but is most probably milk powder. I even got some work done in there, how about that.

I met with Mick and briefly chatted to Jo who both opined that I should crystallize, define, realize, specify, concretize. Yes yes yes, in good time. They are right of course; the longer I remain unsure of my exact goals the less likely I am to successfully, erm, succeed. Perhaps a revision session is in order; reconsider the issues, cleaerly define the research questions and, by Satan's cloven hoof, stick to them. Maybe next week.

Did some reading on programming and CS education in general, though largely from a constructivist viewpoint. CSE seems to suffer the same scarcity of literature as game development, so I've hitched my star to the wagon of an Israeli academic who seems to be one of the few to have covered the issue of constructivism in CSE. So far I have no concrete evidence that behaviourism is still the dominant pedagogy, but it is strongly hinted at.

Games I say. About to set about defining an art style for the wee iPhone game we're making having had a pow wow on the mechnanics behind what is sure to be a stunning piece of software genius. I'm now spouting utter crap, but for a solid, decidely motivational reason, that being a need, the origin of which is hidden somewhere in this very sentence, mustgonowgrelpstoomanycommas

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