Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So much wrong, but a few things right

The right is the slew of work I managed to crank out early this and late last week. I'm gradually building a thong mountain of reviewed literature which would have frightened the me from mid December 09 to death or at least toward some sort of terminal disease that thankfully goes into remission without the need for some Lorezo's Oil style shit.

Foidamore, I've discovered that regular redefinition of the lit review structure is par for the course. The more I write, the more I recognize the flaws in the structure I'd constructed and the more compelled I am to redefine it. I have acquired a stonking expanse of literature on game development, from industry, educational and student perspectives, that I will spend the next week or so sifting through in search of pearls of lemon delight (minus the lemons).

Life drawing started last week and I overcame a stuttering start to finish strongly, reeling off Rubens-esque portraiture like Gok Wan undrapes fatties. I must spend any free time in Melbourne fiddling with the tablet.

The wrong, oh the wrong. Some names. Conroy. Abbot. Special FX. Atkinson. Fucking Atkinson. These people, these, politicians, these self elected moral arbiters have worn thinner than Brittany Murphy. Fuck. Their momentous fuck-ups are well publicized and need not be recounted here, but something is happening. Febrile with misguided and antiquated morality, they threaten free sppech in Australia. Apparently, the greater prominence a politician attains, the further from reality they drift until the feel the need to advise thr nation on topics they have litle to no notion of.

I also read a review of Alien vs Predator and that got right up my nose as the reviewer, to borrow a sample of his eloquent prose, sucked. Despite his utter failure to adequately review tha game in question, I iz buyin it neway yo yo.

P.S. It's really fucking hot tonight. To hell with summer, bring on winter.

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