Friday, February 19, 2010

Blah de blah de blah

Not a whole lot completed this week unfortunately. Preoccupied as I was with matters technical I only read a few articles and wrote barely a word. Not to worry though. I'll reset the deadline for another fortnight, which should be time enough to at least address each of the points I plan to cover. Looked over some excellent illustrative goodies and happened upon a tablet tutorial that nearly brought a tear to my eye. Next week I hope to begin fleshing out a few illustrations digitally.

Back is very sore, especially my left shoulder. I'm convinced it's a posture issue. I'm on the verge of collapse and the words are molasses slow in their arrival so I'll leave it at that and resume when I've had a decent meal, night's sleep and crack at completing this fucking literature review.

In closing, Michael Atkinson is still a deluded simpleton. Watch out for gamers at your next Bandidos meet chaps.

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