Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thought for the week

Thought for the week: beware that which unduly occupies the mind for any length of time. It has an agenda which may not become apparent until said agenda has been unfurled and is in motion, you the catalyst. Don't act on it. Analyze, deconstruct, reconstruct then rationalize. It's what separates us from the violent chimp, the cunning weevil, the obfuscatory pikey.

Dwelling on negative thoughts has a peculiar feeling of empowerment, though; unsurprisingly though, this empowerment is borne of the resentful Dark Side, diametrically opposed by the ever positive Good Side, typically engendered by acts of creation and interaction. Positive stuff; you know, nice-nice. Flowers and kittens and pussywillows.

Maintaining control of these potentially malefic thoughts is tricky, as any thoughts which harbour a desire to perform impartial analysis of said naughty thoughts are immediately deemed the natural enemy of the eve-yil thought (known henceforth as EFs).

When EFs detect a rogue analysis thought (known heretofore as AFs), they launch a calculated assault, knocking over desks, lamps, flipping books from tables and flailing at inkpots in the hope that incurable disruption will ensue and that they might continue their nefarious plot to unbalance the mind's, er, balance of power.

The trick is to remain steadfast in the face of such an onslaught. Constantly reassess your approach, think around the insurgent cogitation and never lose your nerve. They are just thoughts after all; neutralize them before they become manifest and cause you to do something irreparably fucking stupid.

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