Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A precocious cephalapod invokes Nostradamus and and I'm left wondering what it all means. At least the fucking vuvuzelas have been laid to rest.

Dear Diary. I completely forgot about the World Cup until 9am that morning and was not especially bothered about that. I am as I type fighting the urge to wander off and look at time wasting websites; this leads me to consider how the prevalence of procrastination has increased in line with a rise in time wasting culture. There are entire online networks dedicated to light distractions CASE IN POINT: I just spent 5 minutes looking at Fail Blog. Fuck!

I fear that all this pop culture knowledge and meme reference that I am gradually gathering will only be of use to me when spending time on the very forums and sites that provided the material in the first place. I need structure, yet again. I will try and write a short blog each night summarizing my day, largely from a research perspective and with the occasional sprinkling of faggotry for good measure (can't be too serious about this stuff).

The internet is a dangerous place and plays host to many temptations and yet more distractions; I must fight hard to continue my vitally important work of some sort, probably.

Everything's changed; I'm looking out for my future... something you would never understand you dirty, dirty, dirty Jew diary. Just kidding, just kidding.

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