Thursday, June 20, 2013

Marking makes the world go something something

No thesis work today, but this week has been a reasonable start.

A reminder of what I need to do and consider when I come back to it:
1. Revise and re-read, making changes as I go.
2. Look at remaining comments and link those to relevant statistical data
3. Incorporate those comments or their analysis into the section.  Do not let the comments drive the agenda; rather, draw the agenda from a number of comments and stats, then use more comments from each theme to concretize the point.  Each theme is established at the start, but by the end each theme should be validated and a cause of each theme (for example, a negative attitude toward GDE) should be established by tying the threads of each theme together.  I need to draw a diagram that illustrates this.   

NOTE: Also add a timeline of the Australian industry to the intro.

4. Aim for about 3-4000 words per theme section (8 themes, somewhere between 24 and 32 thousand words).  Structure is thus:
  • Research question 
    • Theme 1
      • Establish causal links based on comments and stats
    • Theme 2
      • Establish causal links based on comments and stats
    • Conclusion for this research question 
      • Draw the threads (and links) of each theme together to address why this negative perception (e.g.)  exists. 
      • Summarise comments post-analysis, i.e. "This has been said, this data supports the notion and suggests why it has been said, ergo the outcome is bingo bango.
      • Probably need to frame the conclusions as aimed at the education stakeholders, i.e. "Industry says this, it is substantiated, therefore education lacks this or must do that"
      • I write good.
I should have a draft of the first theme done by early next week.

By gawd, I may actually finish this bastard.

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